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Monday, July 25th 2022, 12:54pm

Maxi-Paw case fills with water while running

I have a couple Maxi-Paw's (one new) that the case fills up with water - substantially and overflows - while it's running. Have a few others that don't - the case is fairly dry while running. Where is the leak that causes this?



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Tuesday, July 26th 2022, 12:56am

Do you have a Maxi-Paw tool? It unscrews the innards of the sprinkler.
Be careful to not damage any of the working parts while unscrewing and replacing the innards.
There could be debris causing the seal to leak.
I would unscrew the innards then flush it out by turning on the sprinklers. Use your hand to help any pebbles to escape.
Check to see if it can pop up and down freely looking for grit.
You can clean the inside of the sprinkler out with a garden hose before unscrewing.
If the seal is badly damaged, or worn out, then the sprinkler needs replacing.
There's also a big o-ring at the top of the threads. I've never put teflon tape on the threads but if the o-ring is bad, give it a shot.

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