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Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 5:34am

Soccer park circles

I work at a soccer park as a groundskeeper. We have about 112 acres of natural grass soccer fields. So the problem I’m having is that the grass is nice and green where the sprinkler is then a big dead ring around it. I’ve adjusted the arc screw and changed some of the nozzles but nothing seems to help. I have noticed that around every sprinkler after we water, it’s flooded. I know it just depends on the type of sprinkler but are there seals inside that are replaceable? Unfortunately due to budget cuts we have 4 different brands of sprinklers we’re using. Orbits, rain bird falcon, K rain pro rain, and Hunter.



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Wednesday, July 27th 2022, 10:05am

It could be that one of the sprinklers is almost broken off so none of the sprinkler can pop up to seal properly. Maybe there's a break in the line somewhere.
It could be that the valve isn't coming on all the way.
Maybe the seals are worn out. Just replace the sprinkler. Hunter does have some seals. You need to know what model of sprinkler that you have. I've never done that. I just replace the sprinkler.
But if there's a breach in the line somewhere, it can give the illusion that the seals are worn out because there's not enough pressure to keep them from leaking/sealing.
Maybe ask the soccer teams for a small donation. Contact Hunter Industries, maybe they'll donate some sprinklers. I've never heard of anybody doing that but you never know.

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