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Monday, August 8th 2022, 11:03am

Need Help with Superior Controls Value


I have a Superior Controls Values that will not shut off,
When I took it apart the last metal washer "had" 3 prongs, two are broken but I don't know what the part is called to order a new one. picture attached



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Monday, August 8th 2022, 2:41pm

The valve will work just fine without the prongs.
It's probably called a seat washer or seat guide. I've never seen a new one sold by itself.
You could just buy the whole thing. Is that a 3/4"?
I've seen the prongs broken off a few times. The valve doesn't have a problem without them.
Look at this picture. No prongs. I don't know if this link's pricing is right It seems a bit suspicious.
Good luck!

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