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Friday, August 12th 2022, 12:57pm

Index valve with 1.25" pipes to inline valve conversion.


I currently have a system with an index valve that has 6 zones with 1.25" pipes connected to it. I noticed in Home Depot that they only sell inline valves up to 1". Is there a reason for this? Do you think it would be ok to reduce my pipes down to 1" so I can use the 1" valves?



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Friday, August 12th 2022, 7:00pm

Are the lateral lines also 1 1/4? Or are they reduced down to 1" after the indexing valve?

I know that it's ok to reduce the size of the valve in some cases. As long as you're getting enough flow to run the sprinklers. Or not creating water hammer because the demand is too great for the valve. But I'm not going to tell you to go for it then have there be a problem. That's up to you to figure.

If you want to spend the money. 1 1/4" valve. Ignore that pricing. You can find them for less.

You could install 1 1/2" Hunter valves.

I know that I"m going overboard here. Some people have money to burn though.

How many valves do you need?


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Friday, August 12th 2022, 7:40pm

Thanks for the reply. It seems like it is pretty tough to find an inexpensive 1.25 in valve. I'm not sure why. I have 6 zones , so I need 6 of them.

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