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Sunday, August 21st 2022, 5:42pm

General valve question

I have 7 zones with 7 valves, all of which appear to be specific to its own zone. Zone 1, my problem area, has 3 heads. I have no issues with 2 of the heads. 1 however has a small leak coming from the black pipe itself, not the head itself. I can remove the head completely and if the pipe is parallel to the ground, there is minor flow. I replaced the valve thinking something went bad, but I’m still having the same problem. How can there be a problem with only 1 area/head of the zone and all others are fine. Could there be another faulty valve that is affecting this one causing the leak? Please help, I’m going insane.



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Monday, August 22nd 2022, 12:51am

Ok, don't go insane yet.
Was the water coming out of the sprinkler before you unscrewed it?
I'm not sure what black pipe you're talking about. Is it a swing joint? Funny pipe? Poly pipe?
Could it just be low head drainage?
Turn the valve on that you changed manually via the bleeder screw or by turning the solenoid counter clockwise if it's designed to do so. Does it turn on the problem area?
Maybe you can post a picture of the pipe. Go to
click on "start uploading". Choose a pic. Don't auto delete. Click on "upload" Click on "viewer links" Then choose "BBCode full linked" copy n paste that to your post. The pic will appear.

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