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Friday, September 16th 2022, 12:35pm

No Zones Will Start - Hunter System

I recently moved into a place with a sprinkler system that pumps water from a river. The river pump and Hunter PSR-52 were just replaced a month ago. I had been using a Hunter PRO-C controller until recently. Two weeks ago the PRO-C controller started giving me an error message, 'NO AC', whenever I'd try to start a zone. This didn't make much sense to me since I measured 29 volts to the controller and there was no back-up battery in the controller. I wanted to upgrade to the PRO-HC controller soon, so I used the PRO-C erroring as reason to upgrade now. I installed the PRO-HC a couple days ago, and similar to the PRO-C, have been unable to get any zones to turn on. When I start any zone the controller screen (and the app) shows the zone working for a few seconds then turning off. However, if I disconnect the MV wire I can get the controller screen to show that the zones are on for their entire time allotment (obviously with no actual watering taking place).

Without the MV wire I have been able to test the continuity and voltage (28 ) for every zone; they're all good. With the MV wire in I can test the continuity for MV wire, which is good, but I can't test the voltage because any zone automatically turns off within seconds. If I go down to the PSR and test the voltage coming in I get a normal amount, 247.

It seems like the problem has to be with wires going from the MV to the PSR, right? But, if there's continuity with the COM and MV wires at the controller, and 247 volts at the PSR, how could it be the wires? I know where the value boxes are for each zone valve. Could there be a MV valve box that I haven't found where there could be a solenoid problem?

Can anyone help me figure out where the issue is coming from? I'm hoping to solve the problem before the return deadline on the PRO-HC ($$).

I'm new to the forum so hopefully I posted this in the right area. Thanks!


Friday, September 16th 2022, 1:58pm

I now think there must be an over current issue somewhere along the MV wire. I noticed that when the MV wire is attached to the controller there is a small message that shows 'overcurrent >1.5A'. I have no idea how to find isolate where the problem could be...


Friday, September 16th 2022, 4:57pm

Another update. If I turn off the 240V of power to the PSR and connect the MV wire to the controller I still get the overcurrent message. I think that rules out any issues to with the pump and/or the PSR. So at this point I suppose there must be a short or something going on with the MV wire between the controller and the PSR.

I believe the only way to find the issue with the MV wire will be to try and dig up the wire and visually inspect it. It's only 150 yards... :wacko:

Hopefully one you will read this thread and agree with my conclusion. :)


Monday, September 19th 2022, 5:45pm

Decided to check for continuity between the COM and MV wires when they were disconnected from the PSR. If there was a short somewhere I believe there should still be continuity at the controller. There wasn't. This led me to checking over the PSR again. I get close to zero resistance between the COM and MV wires on the PSR. That and the fact the all the zones work if I hold in the bypass button on the PSR make me think the PSR is causing the over current issue. I ordered a new PSR. Hopefully that'll fix it.

Maybe, hopefully, this thread will help someone else in the future. If not, I probably wasted a lot of time typing all this. :)

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