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Sunday, September 25th 2022, 12:03pm

Drip tube to PVC ptpe.

I have a large yard (1/2 Acre) and need to use what irrigation system is here. Can I attach a drip tube to 1/2 inch PVC pipe with water coming from the drip tube going to the PVC pipe? Will the water pressure be the same? Thanks



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Monday, September 26th 2022, 3:34am

Go for it and see what happens. Is there a pressure reducer on the drip line that needs to be uninstalled?
Both pipes are inner diameter of 1/2". The drip might even be 5/8".
You're basically asking for advice on jerry rigging your sprinkler system. What do I care? lol
I don't know how old the drip is. If it's old, there might be a problem with it splitting.
I've seen almost every configuration from home owners. Most of their contraptions work.
It's not like the city will come to inspect it. Maybe they will when you sell the place.
You need some sort of back flow protection though.
Good luck!

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