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Monday, September 26th 2022, 11:23pm

46feet < I20 < 14PGH < 1.25PVC < 3/4 line?


I have a 40x50 foot square I'd like to use 4 Hunter I20's to cover, one in each corner.

I'm assuming I can only get full coverage at the maximum precipitation of 14GPM so I'd need 1.25" PVC pipe


1. Will this work if the source line is 3/4" and I'm using 1" valves? (1.5" valves are a huge jump in price!)
2. Does this work with clay soil - to cover this area with only four heads all running on one valve?

Thanks for any help!


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Tuesday, September 27th 2022, 11:56am

40x50 would be a rectangle. Better rethink this. don't know what kind of service line you have ( copper,pvc, poly, gal.) and how long
it is, but 3/4" anything is not going to support 4 heads @14gpm each running at same time. Besides, you would need approx. 65 psi at base of the head to get the 46 foot radius you want. No head to head coverage and a lot of over spray on the short side. Totally not doable as you have planned. The 1" valve is not the issue, they can run upwards of 25-30 gpm as long as you can handle the pressure loss at the gpm your running.

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