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Saturday, September 17th 2022, 9:46am

Valve or solenoid problem ?

I have the Rainbird irrigation system. A few months back I discovered my zone 1 was not working. I had a tech come out and he put a new solenoid in. It was working when he left so I went on with my life. Now I have discovered it is not working again. I go to Lowes and buy a new solenoid and as soon as I start to remove the old one with a slight twist the zone starts working. (dummy me I did not turn the water off first !) So when I tightened the solenoid back the zone stopped working again. I stopped there and now I am reaching out for help. I have not put the new solenoid on yet. Do I have a valve or solenoid problem. What should be my next step?



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Saturday, September 17th 2022, 2:11pm

Do you know what model valve it is? I have found that when someone says, " I have a rainbird system", they're referring to the controller. The valves might be something different. But you did buy a solenoid so it probably is a rainbird. Even still I need to know the model.

You're sure that the valve is getting power from the controller? Is there a valve right next to it?

At this point in time I'm suspecting the diaphragm or a clogged port. I would take the bonnet off. Inspect the ports. Install a new diaphragm. It's a fairly simple job. You can do it. Check out Youtube videos on how to change the diaphragm.


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Saturday, October 1st 2022, 3:25pm

Zone one still not working

So today I put a new diaphragm kit on the valve and replaced the solenoid. Still will not come on !! I checked the wiring at the control box and everything seems to be tight. Don't know what else to look for ! Any new suggestions ?

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