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Friday, October 28th 2022, 7:23pm

Pipe knock — but only in the morning??

Last week, my irrigation system started banging and sputtering when watering. It did this on all zones. This was early morning. If I run it in the afternoon it’s fine. We checked all the individual zone valves and they are good. I was told to replace my Febco 765 but instead I bought a new one and just swapped out all the internal parts into the old one. No change in behavior.

The water pressure in the morning was measured at 65. In the afternoon it’s about 68. My lawn guy is stumped. Any ideas?



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Friday, October 28th 2022, 8:31pm

I'm not sure if I can figure this without being there in person.
I would assume that since all of the valves are doing it that one problem is causing all of it.
Where do you hear the noise at? Inside the walls? Outside at the back flow/Febco 765?
What do you mean by sputtering? Like there's not enough water?
Are the pipes freezing at night? I'm in Cal. I have no idea what back east is up to.
Are you on city water? Well water? Or?
Is there a pressure regulator on the system?
Master valve?
I would go out there when it's banging to physically locate where it's coming from.

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