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Monday, October 31st 2022, 3:01pm

Manual doesn't work - Rainbird ESP Modular controller

Entire system has been fine for ten years. This year, when it came time to drain the system for the winter, pressing the Manual button to blow out that zone, didn't turn it on for the air compressor. I'm stumped.

So, a couple of questions.
  1. What actually does that button do? Does it open and close a real valve?
  2. Is it likely something in the controller or is something manual/physical somewhere?
  3. Is there a manual override so I can get the thing drained for the winter?



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Monday, October 31st 2022, 3:44pm

Duh, user brain damage

Ok, it's not intuitive, but after each manual activity you have to turn it to OFF before setting it to another zone.

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