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Thursday, November 17th 2022, 6:32pm

ESP-6TM Fuse blows immediatly

My rainbird controller ESP-6tm showed pr-off. I opened the panel and saw the fuse had blown. When I inserted a new fuse, the second it touches the metal fuse holder, it immediately blows. If anyone has ideas or suggestions, I would appreciate the input. Thx!



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Friday, November 18th 2022, 12:51am

Was the controller trying to run a zone when you put the fuse in?
Try disconnecting the common wire then put the fuse in. Did it blow? If so the controller's bad.
That controller must be 30 years old? I recently uninstalled one that went haywire.
Try unplugging the controller for a minute. Then put a new fuse in. Now plug it in. Did it blow? Yes, then the controller's bad.
When you changed the fuse the first time, did you use a quick blow fuse? Or just any old fuse? Because if you installed a fuse that took too long to blow, it can fry the controller.
Even if you install a new controller, there still might be a short somewhere. Determine which number valve is blowing the fuse. Check the solenoid on that zone. Look for bare wires.


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Friday, November 18th 2022, 3:08pm

It's an old controller. It does not blow on any particular zone. I used a fast 250v half amp fuse. I'll try your suggestions and report back, thanks!

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