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Friday, July 7th 2006, 1:41pm

Finding PVC Pipe Underground

A three zone underground sprinkler system came with a house we recently purchased. After repairs to heads and valves, I have zones 1 and 2 working. The valve for 3 works just fine, but several heads are missing or broken. In only one place has water come up out of the ground, and there the PVC pipe was sheared and the head was missing. This spot appears to be a branch off the main line in the zone. Given the location of this leak, I'm guessing there are at least two more branches off the main line in the zone between the valve and broken spot, but either the sprinkler heads are missing or they have been covered up with enough grass and dirt to keep me from finding them. Downstream from the branch with the broken spot, there are several several heads which will not pop up, and it appears that no water makes it that far in the zone.

Is there a way to locate and track the PVC pipe underground, so that I can narrow the location of the hidden branches and heads?


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Friday, July 7th 2006, 4:43pm

Unthread one of the remote heads and force water into the connection from a hose. Work backwards from the distant heads.

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