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Wednesday, August 2nd 2006, 3:20pm

Broken Sprayer

My wife backed up over a sprayer along the drive way. I'm looking to replace this and order a part here. This sprayer says Hunter PGP on it and on the side 05 03. I think this was a full sprayer about 15' but maybe the code tell you something I'm unaware of.

Right now the whole system is not working since the water is leaking out this broken nozzle and losing all the water pressure.

Q1: Can I shut off just zone one at the unground splits (I did at the controller and it still leaks)and leave the rest running till I replace the head.
Q2: Can I replace the sprayer and what tools do I need if any? The people who installed it won't come out to only fix this head and I guess they are very busy (oh joy for them). Do the head just pop or screw out?

Q3: I would also let to learn how to add a sprayer to a line and or adjust a sprayer direction. We have added a garden to the front lawn (only place where the sun shines all day)and certian areas are now not getting watered?


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Thursday, August 3rd 2006, 2:37am

If it says PGP on the top of it, it's a rotor, and not a spray head. If this is the case, then if you extend the head up out of the body, it will have a red or gray nozzle in it, and it will have a small number on it indicating what size nozzle is installed in the spray head.

This one broken head shouldnÂ’t prevent the entire system from working, unless you only had one zone for your entire system.

Replacing the head is a relatively simple task. If you dig the head up, it's most likely attached to the PVC laterals with a flexible joint. You can unscrew the head from this, and re-attach the head. If you go to Hunter's web page, they have directions for how to adjust heads.

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