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Monday, May 14th 2007, 8:39pm

hey wet boots, cars and sprinkler valves are apples and oranges. and sprinkler are a poor business manager. the times you had to go back cost gas money, labor, and making a repair for free while that same tech could be making money at another job. so add that puppy into your calculations. replace the entire valve and save your customers aggrivation of just having you go back to do it anyway. and anybody thats in the business knows that the old richdel/irritrol valves aren't compatible with the new ones all the time. and bill, replacing the whole valve is more than just 20 more bucks and it only takes me 10 minutes. now "again" when you have to go back "for free" to replace the whole valve anyway, you lose tons of money. so check your books again. this is just bush!!! i cant believe you guys. where is the professionalism.


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Monday, May 14th 2007, 9:30pm

I can repair a Richdel valve that was installed 35 years ago, and it will operate like new, and no callbacks. Perhaps there are some skills missing from your roster of talents.


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Tuesday, May 15th 2007, 8:01pm

sure you can. (liar) you know as well as me that the newer parts arent always compatible with the older ones. so you are a liar. and my talents far exceed yours. ask your mom.


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Wednesday, May 16th 2007, 2:45am

I think your a little out of line here. It is one thing not to agree and another to hurl an insult such as this. If I were you, and I am not, I would sincerely retract my comment to Boots and ask for forgiveness. I may not agree and do things the same way as you, but I would respect you as a professional and never hurl an insult such as this. Your better than that, or at least I would hope you are.
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Tuesday, May 29th 2007, 6:25am

Geeesshh!!! PMS Lush?
Professionalism? Replace and not repair when NEEDED OR NOT? Screw the customer when ya can charge for a new valve AND labor, too? It's all about the money, eh, LUSH?
Well I guess ethics aren't really in question here, let alone one's integrity.

Will you ever quit rockin' the boat? You're quite the CONtrary CON-tractor in almost all subjects on this board.
You apparently didn't learn from YOUR mom that if you can't say something decent (in this case, constructive)then keep your mouth shut!
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