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Jack N

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Monday, July 23rd 2007, 1:26pm

Toro Super 700 heads

Oh boy ! Am I glad I found this site ! I just moved into this house a few weeks ago, and it has an in-ground sprinkler system. It’s the very first house I’ve ever owned with a sprinkler system so I’m as green as can be on this stuff. I haven’t got a clue as to what I’m doing, but I was able to figure out the control box fairly well. I attempted to change the start and stop points (amount of rotation) on one of the sprinkler heads, and managed to change it into sprinkling the neighbors’ yard and haven’t been able to change it back. I’ve concluded that the company that installed the system just isn’t interested in anything but installing systems as they haven’t returned a single call of mine. The entire system is comprised of Toro components, so I’ve scoured the Toro website for information. I’ve found some info there, but nothing that helps me with the adjustments. Their current lines of heads adjust differently than the Super 700 heads that are in my system. Can someone give me a detailed explanation as to how to adjust the Super 700 head ? How do you change the start and stop points ? Also, how do you change from partial rotation to full rotation ?


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Tuesday, July 24th 2007, 12:27am isn't easy to explain w/out holding them in my hand....but I'll give it a go...

The nozzle turret....(top part of head that includes the nozzle) depresses down when it is unlock it with a flathead screwdriver on the top of the nozzle will see a "button" sort of thing with a flat head screwdriver slot....not in the middle of the nozzle...but looks like a button. Turn that left to unlock the turret....this is easiest to do while water is running btw...

With the button unlocked....turn the nozzle all the way to the right I believe...depress the turret and turn a small amount to the left...then turn the nozzle turret left and right to ssee what that changed in the way of arc....I cannot remember if the left or right stop is fixed on the 700....USUALLY THOUGH...if you start at the right stop, depress turret and turn left...that will DECREASE the arc....start at the left side and depress turret and turn right...that will increase the arc....

It should increase or decrease in the same increment as you turn it while depressed...make sense?

I need to start a video club...

BTW..don't forget to lock the nozzle again...

Good luck.
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Jack N

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Tuesday, July 24th 2007, 1:08am

Thanks for the answer.

Makes sense, sort of. I've tried turning the screw but it doesn't seem to tighten or loosen. I wonder if it's broken or the threads are stripped.

It sounds like this procedure will change the amount of rotation on one end or the other - so how do I get the opposite end to move ?

The video thing sounds like a great idea.


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Tuesday, July 24th 2007, 1:22am

The left side of the arc is fixed. Move the entire head to change that, then adjust the right side. The part circle heads can't be adjusted into full circles.

Jack N

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Saturday, July 28th 2007, 3:17pm

Well, I think I've managed to get the hang of it. Thanks guys for the help.

Still puzzled as to how that little screw thing works on the top, but it seems to do it's job well.

After looking at all of the heads in the system carefully, I think I'm going to have to put slightly longer risers under some of them. The spray doesn't completely clear the grass.

I also checked what size nozzles were used in which heads and I'm rather surprised to find that almost all of the heads have the same nozzle regardless of how much area they're covering. That explains why parts of my yard are doing fine and other parts are far too dry. Time to pay a visit to the site sponsor !

Anybody got any good ideas on how to find control boxes that are hidden by grass ? I know where 3 of them are but need to find the other 6 before I can aerate the yard. Will a metal detector work ?


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Sunday, July 29th 2007, 4:07am

I like to grap an 8 pound sledge hammer when trying to adjust super 700 heads. The hammer sort of damages the head, but remarkably they spray better.


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Sunday, July 29th 2007, 11:28pm


I haven't seen one in awhile..but if I remember correctly the hammer helps the spray pattern immensely...
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