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Sunday, April 11th 2010, 1:38pm

Anti-siphon problems

First I am rather ignorant of sprinkler systems but I am trying to learn what I can. First my anti-siphon is about as close to the ground as it can get, this leaves the to of the ASV about level with the back sprinklers and 3' below the highest sprinkler head in the front. What problem might this cause?

When I first turned on the system this year water was pouring from the ASV and only one of the section had any pressure, and not enough to eject the heads. I popped off the top and saw nothing wrong, I put it back on and tried the system again. This time each section would activate for about 30 seconds then shut off. I tried turning a small release valve on top of the ASV to see the level of pressure coming in and suddenly the current section turned on. I closed the valve and the section continued working for a few minutes, then lost pressure again. I tried it with the other sections and they did the same, the sections each stay on for different amounts of time after the valve is closed, but will stay on so long as the valve is open. Any ideas on this one?

I have a new Anti-Siphon but the inlet and outlet are about 2" closer together on the new one than on the old, and I am afraid to have the pipes angled, could I put an L into the pipes to get them lined up or do I really need to hunt around for a Anti-siphon that is the same width as the one I am replacing, if I even need to replace the current one?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give.



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Monday, April 12th 2010, 1:22pm

Without a doubt you don't want to force the pipes to fit the new valves. You'll stress out the manifold and it will probably break. Ells are fine.

As far as the valves running for a minute or two that's a bit long. Try turning down the flow control some.

The diaphragms are getting old.

The water gushing from the valve is probably the rubber float washer.

Yep your valves are designed to be above the lowest sprinkler for the anti-syphon valve to function properly. I repair residential sprinkler systems for a living. People don't pay close attention to valve location during installation. Will the valves water your yard installed lower than the heads? Yes. Will it protect the water supply from contamination and be up to code? No.


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Monday, April 12th 2010, 8:24pm

That answers some questions

Thank you for the response
So it sounds like I need to at least replace the anti-siphon and place it say about 18" higher than it is, correct?

I guess I should have been more clear on the other part.
1) I turn on a section that is supposed to run for 10 minutes.
2) The section goes on for about 30 seconds than dies.
3) I open the a little release valve on the anti-siphon ( the new anti-siphon does not appear to have one) and the section starts back up, at this point it still has 9 minutes to run.
4) I let it run for a minute with the release valve open, and then shut the release valve. Now it should run for 8 more minutes.
5) After a minute or two the section dies again with 6 minutes left to run, some water might spill from the anti-siphon but not always.

All 7 sections are doing this. Any ideas? ?( If you want I can take a picture of what I mean by a release valve.

Thank you



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Tuesday, April 13th 2010, 1:07am

Raising the valves 18" can't hurt. I'll let you decide on the height.

As far as the valves running for a half minute then shutting off is a mystery to me. You say all 7 valves are doing this. Could be pilot error.

Are you sure the controller is still working after 30 seconds? When you turn a section on manually at the controller are you manually telling it to run 10 minutes?

Which model controller do you have?

I'd be interested to see how the new valve reacts once installed.

I don't need a picture unless you want. I'm assuming you mean the bleeder screw. You can still turn on the new valve manually by turning the solenoid or there's a little lever on the back. Most likely by turning the solenoid. Depends on the model.


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Tuesday, April 13th 2010, 9:08pm

"Could be pilot
error. " By pilot do you mean me? :)

"Are you sure the controller is still working after 30 seconds?" When the section goes off after 30 seconds I go to the controller and it says that there are still 9 minutes left. It flashes what section is turned on in the program, and indicates the time left till it switches to the next section.

"When you
turn a section on manually at the controller are you manually telling it
to run 10 minutes? " The program is telling each section to run for 10 minutes starting at section 1 and continuing to section 7.

Which model controller do you have? Rain Bird ESP 8si

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