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Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 3:31am

Author: .n3

Small private garden design

Hey, I'm planning my watering and I want to use OpenSprinkler so I can also use multiple circles at the same time. Therefore I want to use a pump with 6bar at 5m³/h. But my main question is, if you can check my planning for misstakes. It is a little bit tricky and the bottom right, because we will have a wooden play tower and we do not want to have it wet all the time, so I placed the sprinkler in a way, that the wood is not effected. What do you think? [img]

Tuesday, October 13th 2020, 3:25am

Author: .n3

RainBird R-Van or Hunter MP-Rotator?

Hey, I'm new and I'm planning my watering and need some help. I want to use a ratator sprinkler and in my first planning I need a lot of sprinkler with 2.4m radius. I replaced them with strip sprinkler. Therefor my first chooise where the RainBird R-Van (RD-04-S-P45-F) with 3.1bar. Now I can also use the Hunter MP-Rotator Pro-Spray PRS-40. Someone said, that the RainBird are much worse in terms of precipitation distribution and uniformity. But I don't know so I hope to get a suggestion with a re...