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Wednesday, May 28th 2008, 3:11pm

Connecting Garden Hose to Filter to Regulator to 1/2" poly mainline

I'm trying to connect my garden hose to a water filter then to a 30 psi regulator and then to my 1/2" poly mainline. I am trying to order the following:

1. P09-155 -DIG All Purpose Filter with Screen - 3/4" FHT x MHT. Do I need a special adapter for the hose or will the hose plug directly to the filter?

2. 18-030 DIG Pressure Regulator 30 PSI. I'm assuming this will connect directly to the filter. Will the 1/2" poly mainline connect to this or do I need an adapter?

Your assistance is appreciated! Thanks Mike


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Thursday, May 29th 2008, 9:09pm

Check out this kit shown on the forum's sponser web page If you scroll down a little, they have a great diagram that shows you all the parts. Many times, these things have to be connectted together in a particular order because different types of threading systems are used. I don't recall the exact names, but you might as well say that there is a standard for 'hose bibb' threads and a standard for general plumbing. With drip irrigation components, a mixture is used. Obviously something must be able to connect to your hose bibb, but then other coponents (like filters from what I've seen) will switch to threads used for general plumbing.

OK, after some quick research, I've realized that when one of these fittings says 'HT', that means Hose Threaded, while 'PT' means Plumbing Threaded. So
MHT = Male Hose Threaded,
FHT = Female Hose Threaded,
MPT = Male Plumbing Threaded,
FPT = Female Plumbing Threaded.

I also ran across the DIG web site, and they do have various components with different types of theads (i.e. different filters DIG sells have different types of threads). After a brief search, I was unable to find the part numbers referenced. So you'll have to do some more research on your own unless someone else posts with more specific information on the listed part numbers. But if you are starting from either a garden hose (or hose bibb), then that is a MHT. You'll have to start with some component that has FTH. From there, you just have to make sure all the components that you want to connect have the right combination of MHT, FHT, MPT, and FPT so that it can all be put together. (And for those out there that might be plumbing sex chalanged, you can only connect a MTH end to a FTM and a MPT end to a FPT end. A component listed as say FTH x MPT means the input side has a female hose thread while the output side has a male pipe thread.)

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Friday, May 30th 2008, 10:02am

Thank you so much for the info!! The part you referenced (SW9000) has all the parts that I was trying to put together!! And thanks also for clarifying the terminology for me. It's nice not feeling like I'm reading Japanese!! I think I'm finally all set up!!

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