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Sunday, September 13th 2009, 6:26pm

EZFlo installation through 1/2" PVC plug

I have a valve installed just like this:

This diagram (and accompanying notes) claims that the 1/2" PVC plugs allow fertilizers to be added to the system later. However, the EZFlo installation instructions doesn't address installing to this kind of setup. It only deals with installing T's in the main supply line. Can I utilize this 1/2" PVC plug? Would this area have enough or the right kind of "flow" for the fertilizer to work correctly?





Thursday, August 12th 2010, 11:32am

1/2" PVC Plug

Do not install a fertilizer injector in this configuration. You will notice the plugs are on each side of a zone valve and if utilized for an injector will render the valve useless. The injector will create a bypass for the irrigation water so the valve will never perform its intended function of stopping the flow. I would be very hesitant to take any direction from this website as it appears the author is not a competent professional.

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