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Thursday, June 14th 2012, 7:45am

Replacement for Weathermatic Smartline Weatherstation

Can anyone recommend a better, more reliable replacement for the Weathermatic Smartline SLW15 weather station? Mine constantly looses contact with the controller, and it records erroneous temperatures. It's been replaced once.


Thursday, June 14th 2012, 8:16am

Once sensors get past the simple rain/freeze sensor level they tend to get brand specific.
I don't know that you'll find another brand that works with your controller.

Have you verified it is the sensor and not a problem in the controller?


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Thursday, June 14th 2012, 10:01am

If there is any amount of masonry or steel in the line between sensor and receiver, the operation of wireless accessories will be greatly impaired.

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Thursday, June 14th 2012, 8:58pm

Batteries been replaced recently?


Friday, June 15th 2012, 11:06am

Distance ~49' through one brick veneer wall (no steel), batteries replaced, constantly reads 10-15 degrees high mounted on top of wood stockade fence, loses connection weekly.




Sunday, June 17th 2012, 10:56am


8| When you install the wireless hub into the controller, make sure the antenna wire is hanging out below the controller, The weathermatic tech I called and talked to, told me this info and It worked for me. I had a slw15 that was 10 feet away, and would not even connect


Tuesday, June 19th 2012, 6:48am

My antenna wire isn't long enough to protrude outside the case, and it has a thick, black covering over the last 2.5" of the wire.


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Monday, July 16th 2012, 9:03pm


Sounds like someone stepped into another W/m turd! With that unit first, you will be checking the battery every 6 months. The lithiumn battery does not hold up good to hot, even worse with extreme cold. If possable replace with the wired SlW-1 It has been a much more reliable unit. ;)
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