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Saturday, August 10th 2013, 10:25am

EZ-Flow sizing information

Hello, I'm new to fertigation and could use some help! I would like to add a fertigation system to my existing irrigation system but don't understand how big (Gal.) of unit I need? As well I don't know what information I need to post for help.

I have 1.5 acres of TURF,trees and flower beds (simple landscaping) that I water using surface irrigation water, I utilize a 2hp. goulds irrigator booster pump that supplies 4 zones, (14 Rainbird Maxi-Paws ea. zone). I would guess the pressure to be around 40 psi. but do not know a flow rate.

I have a neighbor that has a simular size yard who uses a 5 gal. ez-flow injection unit,but the 5 gal. is nearing a cost prohibitive point for me. Do I really need this big of unit? How should I go about properly sizing an injector system for my Yard?


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