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Tuesday, August 15th 2023, 9:04pm

What are the best drip emitters for Arizona?

I installed a rather large drip irrigation system in the Tucson area using mostly flag drip emitters. Our water is very alkaline and very hard, and many of the 1 gph emitters have plugged. I did flush the system out and I don't think it's so much of a problem with dirt. Many of the emitters have deposits on them. I have a lot of emitters and find I need to turn the ends around in an attempt to clean them every few weeks. Some of the emitters won't clean and I need to replace them. I'm checking the system every 2 weeks and inevitably find some that need replacement (I have at least 150 emitters and so it's a pain - especially when they are dangerously close to a pricky plant). I have less of a problem with 2 and 4 gph emitters. Does anyone have experience with systems where the water is very hard? Which style of emitters have you found hold up better? Any brand better than others? I believe most of mine are Rainbird.

(I have read where commercial systems treat the water. That's not feasible for us.)

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