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Sunday, August 20th 2023, 5:25pm

Sprinkler heads around flower bed and grass


I was planning on doing irrigation next year but I would like to try and accomplish something above ground to make my over seeding project a bit easier. I have about 26k sq ft and have been using two Big Sprinkler carts with a booster pump from Lowe's. It was new construction and the grass didn't come in very good around the flower bed if at all.

My thought is to run sprinkler heads around the flower bed to help the new seed stay moist and thought the MP1000 rotators would be great for that. I'm just unsure which way to go about setting this up to achieve proper output.

From the spigot I'm at 50psi with 6 gpm. I have a 3/4" in-line that looks to go to 1/2" right before the hose bib.

Would running 1" pvc with heads be a good idea or not?

Could I incorporate my booster pump into this idea?

My overall goal is to make my overseeding as easy as possible this time around.


Not sure how to post pics here.


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