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Monday, September 11th 2023, 1:16am

Only 6V AC output to valves - Nelson EZ Pro Jr

A Nelson EZ Pro Jr 12-station, 230V controller is not starting any zones. The output voltage is only 6V AC on a multimeter, although the power transformer output measures 24V. So the boards are getting 24V.

The screen, buttons, programming, battery backup, rain sensor input/indicator, power/battery indicators, everything work just fine. The controller functions in all respects other than it's not switching a 24V AC output.

The Nelson EZ Pro Jr has two boards - one that receives the 24V input from the transformer wires and has the rail for the zones on it, and a second with the screen, buttons and rotary contacts that is connected to the first via a pin connector rail.

I don't want to spend money unnecessarily if the problem can be solved or it can be repaired.

Please, can anyone help?



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Monday, September 11th 2023, 5:07pm

I would do two things. First I'd reset the controller. According to the manual, you use a screwdriver to do so. Look on page 27

Also, remove the common wire/s from the controller. Now run your test again. Same reading?

Still 6v, I'd say the controller is bad. If you get 24v or so then something else is shorting it out.

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