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Monday, January 22nd 2024, 7:56pm

Unable to log in and the google log in is for developers only

I want to order stuff but this is whats going on.
I clicked log in (passwords saved in a vault). Denied me, clicked to change password, never recieved an email from you guys, did it again, now your site says to try again later that too many people are trying to reset the passwords.
Clicked to log in with google, get an error that this login is testing only and developers can access this.

So, basically, cant log in so I cant give you money so I can get products.

Thanks for looking into this.





Monday, January 22nd 2024, 7:57pm

public thread

Id like to put in my email in this thread but do not want to dump that out on a public thread.




Monday, January 22nd 2024, 8:02pm

account was deleted

My account must have been deleted cause I was able to sign up for an account using the same email. It would be nice to have my order history.
I order from you guys about every spring. How long do you delete inactive accounts?

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Tuesday, January 23rd 2024, 10:28am

Hi, sorry to hear that you're having problems but you've asked your question on the forum page.
Try contacting them at the support page.

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