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Ron Anderson

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Tuesday, March 19th 2024, 10:59pm

What design mistakes are in my valve manifold drawing? Will any of the joints not fit together?

Drawing with design of four-valve manifold in valve box
with four atmospheric vacuum breaker risers
with valve replacement unions and with riser unions and removal caps
with walkway tunneling to lateral lines size 1" for lawn and 3/4" for drip
with rust-free copper instead of galvanized or breakable PVC risers
with auto-drains each side of risers and in laterals
drawn with (aka - Visio like, free
showing fittings part numbers and quantities on page 2
for applications having less maintenance time than budget

A French drain is needed for the regulator weep holes located near the foundation

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Ron Anderson

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Posts: 4

Location: New Mexico


Friday, April 5th 2024, 4:25pm

Valve manifold design drawing and parts list request for comments

I've got questions and hoped for answers to what mistakes are in my drawing and parts list, and whether any joints will not mate together.

So, I contacted Sprinkler Warehouse chat with not much better response:

You are now chatting with Joshua.

Joshua at 14:52, Apr 5:

Hello. Thank you for shopping at Sprinkler Warehouse. How may I assist you?

Ron at 14:53, Apr 5:

What design mistakes are in my valve manifold drawing? Will any of the joints not fit together?

Ron at 14:53, Apr 5:

Joshua at 14:56, Apr 5:

Unfortunately We are unable to look at links from outside sources through our chat option. Please send an image of your manifold drawing to and we would be more than happy to assist you.

Ron at 14:58, Apr 5:

OK, I'll do that. So you are unable to look at Sprinkler Warehouse discusstion forum Design Issues topic? I thought that was connected with you at Sprinkler Warehouse.

Joshua at 14:59, Apr 5:

It is part of sprinkler warehouse, however we are not allowed to view links sent through our chat system.

Ron at 15:00, Apr 5:

Maybe you could navigate to the Design Issues topic without following my link there?

Joshua at 15:03, Apr 5:

What day was your post made?

Ron at 15:06, Apr 5:

March 19, 2024

Ron at 15:07, Apr 5:

I still see it at the top of the topic list under Design Issues

Ron at 15:07, Apr 5:

I also sent an e-mail as you requested.

Ron at 15:08, Apr 5:

My post has 958 views but no replies yet

Joshua at 15:09, Apr 5:

I'll be right with you.

Joshua at 15:11, Apr 5:

I see the post. One thing I will say is that I do not see any valve parts as far as I've checked. I will link a manifold set up similar to yours as a way of reference.

Joshua at 15:11, Apr 5:

Your design is not bad, and is viable as a design so long as a valve is incorporated into it.

Joshua at 15:11, Apr 5:

Joshua at 15:12, Apr 5:

The link I sent you also has a parts list in the description page so you can cross reference the parts and see the similarities with the manifold.

Ron at 15:14, Apr 5:

I thought I included all four RainBird valves in the manifold drawing as well as in the parts list on page 2

Joshua at 15:14, Apr 5:

Though I must disclose that we are not licensed irrigators and do not know if there are any issues with your design we cannot know about. I would recommend you get with a local irrigator and have them review your diagram.

Joshua at 15:16, Apr 5:

I do see the valve now. My apologies. I still must stress the point that we are not licensed irrigators.

Joshua at 15:17, Apr 5:

Is there anything else I can assist you with this afternoon?

Ron at 15:18, Apr 5:

I understand, but without a license someone is needed just to tell me if any of the joints will not mate

Ron at 15:19, Apr 5:

Sometimes it is hard to tell from part descriptions

Ron at 15:20, Apr 5:

Maybe I need to build it inside a local store and Sprinkler Warehouse is not a good choice for me

Joshua at 15:20, Apr 5:

I understandI hope that I have answered all of your questions. Please let me know if you need any further assistance. We look forward to filling your irrigation orders.

Info at 15:20, Apr 5:

Thank you for chatting with us.

end of chat session

I could pay $100 for local company design services, but probably just getting everything purchased and delivered to test fits and then exchange any problems would be a better bargain.

Thanks for all the views, anyway, even if no replies.

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