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Monday, May 6th 2024, 8:50am

Sprinkler irrigation pump

Hello - I’ve been using[

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quote][/quote] a 1 1/2 hp above ground irrigation sprinkler pump for water my property (1 acre). Some how when I went to prime it this spring I noticed that there’s an air pin split in the pump body, causing it not to prime correctly due to lost of suction. I tried some sealant over the split but there’s to much pressure that it just blows out (65psi). So I’m gunna try to cut my expenses down by replacing the pump out myself. The current pump I’m using is discontinued so I need help on replacing it with another. My question would be would this pump (pictured) replace my old pump (pictured). I know very little about these pumps including the electrical etc. [img][/img]

First image is expiating pump and second one is possiblity of new one.

Thank you

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