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Monday, May 13th 2024, 10:44pm

Toro Rotary Spray Nozzle pressure too low

Hi. I purchased a bulk of Toro rotary nozzles. I installed a couple today and it emits very low pressure water even when I turned it all the way to positive... I tried them on a few different sprinkler bodies and they were all same.. What am I missing? The current regular nozzles work just fine. Please advise.



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Tuesday, May 14th 2024, 1:03pm

I'm not going to be much help. Those look just like the Hunter Rotary nozzles.
Toro has a history of knock offs. PGP's, Valves, apparently these nozzles.
You might have to change every nozzle on a zone to get the best idea of how good they work. Maybe install pressure regulated sprinklers on the entire zone. That way each nozzle is getting the same pressure. But I would find a nozzle chart. See how much pressure you need.
I don't use Hunter rotary nozzles. Some people swear by them. I personally like the Rainbird rotary nozzle. But, you need enough flow and pressure to run both or they just don't work well. Especially the Hunter.
Maybe go back to the spray nozzles since you said they were working just fine. Save the rotaries for another job which can run them.

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