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Thursday, April 8th 2021, 6:03pm

Sprinkler with grass up against the house

I'm looking for a way to automate the watering in my garden. It's a rental house so I'm not willing to invest in a top notch solution but I'll spend what is required for a proper system. So far I have purchased nothing yet.

I have a water hole that provides at least 5000l/min. (still trying to borrow a bigger pump to test). My biggest concern is that on 3 sides of the house, the grass grows up to the house wall. And those are white... The water contains iron and thus wetting the wall will eventually create red stains.

Would it be possible to install pop-up sprays like the Rainbird 1800 series, at 180 deg, away from the house without getting water on the wall? Or would the space between the pop-up and the wall be too big and leave a strip of grass dry?

Pictures tell more than words...

The majority of the sprinklers are 11.5ft. In some area's larger would safe me some sprinklers but I'm worried that 11.5ft will already be challenging to keep away from the wall.
Alternatively I'm considering to put in a sub-surface drip emitter along the walls for the first 1 feet away from the wall.
On the right side of the house I intentionally only put sprinklers on one side. The hedge causes a shadow throughout most of the day and I found that the grass need a lot less water.

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