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Saturday, May 8th 2021, 9:00pm

Febco PVB 765 Replacement

Hello All,

This is my first post and I’m a DIYer. I am replacing an old FEBCO 765 that has a crack in it.

The old PVB was installed with the shut off valve on the right hand side and test cock on the left. I would like to verify there will be no issues if I install the new PVB in the same manner.

I know that I will need to tighten the shut off valves another half turn so that the valve handle is on the opposite side. The primary reason I am questioning this before doing so, is because I have not been able locate any instructions or examples of anyone installing the PVB in this fashion.

Hopefully I added the photo correctly to show what I am trying to describe.

My question is if it is okay to install the new one the same way or if I need to reroute the lines.

Thank you in advance for your help,




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Sunday, May 9th 2021, 12:50am

The new 765 will have new ball valves attached. Just install them like they are if it's not a problem. Or turn them 180 degrees. I would tighten them instead of loosening them so it doesn't cause a leak.
Looks like you might be doing some soldering if there isn't a union.

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