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Wednesday, May 12th 2021, 9:20pm

No water at the input side of backflow preventer

Hello, since winterizing it last winter, I tried to turn on the sprinkler system for the first time year. However I found that the valves are already turned on. I then ran all zones on my sprinkler system and confirmed that there’s no water at the sprinkler heads. I then test the input test port at the backflow preventer and there is no water there. The sprinkler box is just next to the water meter. The curb valve at the meter is on and there is no water leak. There must be a valve between the water meter and the elbow connected to the input side of backflow preventer. Is the water to the sprinkler system tee off the main water line to the house? Would there be another valve isolating the water supply to the double check valve? Can anyone advise where could such a valve be located?

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