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Thursday, May 27th 2021, 4:18pm

Valve not working. Help

I have one valve that will not open to let the water through..After finding this problem I replaced the valve and the new one acts the same ..No Water. I since replaced the timer all wiring. and tested the solenoid. the solenoid works but still no water. Loosen the solenoid for manual use and plenty of water coming out bust valve does not open..This is quite a mystery and I am lost. Please help if you have any ideas. Thank You



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Friday, May 28th 2021, 3:08am

Are you sure that the valve used to work? Could it be an abandoned capped off line?

If the pipes are poly, maybe it's pinched somewhere. Tree roots perhaps.

If the pipes are pvc maybe there's a break in the line somewhere. Meaning the valve is coming on but the sprinklers aren't working.

If it's a drip line, maybe there's a clogged filter.

Maybe there's a shut off valve in the line somewhere after the valve that's been turned off.

Maybe the old valve was broken and you've installed the new one backwards.

Are you sure that the valve has full water pressure? Maybe a shut off valve upstream is barely open.

Is the flow control turned off clockwise?

Was the pipe repaired recently where the pipe got clogged with dirt?

Is there a master valve?

There's some food for thought. =)

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