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Monday, May 31st 2021, 9:54pm

Short / Error in one of my zones

Greetings all,

I have a Hunter irrigation system with 11 zones. I have one zone (#7- gray wire) that has some type of fault in it that keeps erroring out my system. I have 4 zones in the front yard (one box) , and the other 7 in the back yard (2 boxes , one with 5 solenoid the other with 2). The installers only used a 14 wire cable, thus I do not have another wire to test the system. I do have a Master Valve (in a separate box) , which is using one of the wires (yellow) .

I detach the gray wire off the #7 solenoid, and still get an error. I though maybe where the gray wire was spliced with the homerun wire in the front housing could be the problem, and decoupled the splice there, and still get an error. (thus the gray wire is NOT connected at all, but I still get the error/short-- actually disconnected in two spots , at the solenoid and at the first valve box/splice region)

I can plug another zone into the #7 on the controller, and that wire/zone will work.. it's this darn gray wire is the problem, and I can not figure out where the issue is. I checked all 3 housing units to see if the gray wire was cut or rusted , and it seems fine.

I just purchased/installed a new controller (Hunter X2 14 zone) as a just in case, and same problem/error, but with this X2 controller , it actually makes the whole system restart, whereas in the older Hunter Pro-C controller , it just hung on Zone 7 with the ERR.

Any ideas. I've had 2 people look at it, and they both scratched their heads with a "I don't know, must be a short".. smh, I know that. I've been trying to fix this for 2 years now, and nada.

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Tuesday, June 1st 2021, 4:21am

Have you ran a wire from the controller above ground to the nearest grey wire splice?

Can you run two valves at the same time, abandoning the grey wire?

It's been two years but did you do any digging that may have cut/nicked the wire?

What are the ohms of the grey wire?

Did anybody try to find the problem with a fault finder? Maybe hire a pro. We don't scratch our heads. Well, ok, some do. haha.


Tuesday, June 1st 2021, 12:09pm

Thanks for the reply (I could not login with my username for some reason.. so I'm using a temp unti admin fixes PW reset issue).

I have not yet run a separate bare wire from the control box to the first splice area, I'll do that this week/weekend.

I didn't thinking running 2 zones at one time was wise, but I guess I could run the bad zone with the zone that does the misting in the flower bed, since that zone isn't using a whole lot of water.

I would think if the landscapers dug/nicked a wire, it would knock out more that one zone, so I don't think that is an issue.

I haven't checked the Ohms.. how is that done exactly. I do have a voltmeter.

I'm just confused as to why it shorts out even when it's not terminated into another wire/solenoid ?

Thanks for any help.




Saturday, June 5th 2021, 9:59pm

Ok.. I could NOT find the ground fault, but did figure out the problem was the wire from the controller to the 1st box where it's spliced. I ran a new wire and connected it to the splice and the zone activated. ... BUT , I wasn't in the mood to dig and bury 120-ft of wire, so I basically switched out the wire from one zone (flower bed #6) to the zone I need to water the grass (zone #7) , and the zone that has been dead for 3 years is now working...

Then, I connected the flower bed zone (#6) to another flower bed zone (#10) to activate at the same time (since I did not have any extra wires remaining), but now I have a water pressure issue, as there is not enough water pressure to make both flower bed zones rise and spray with the force necessary . Anyone have a solution for getting increased water pressure to both flower beds at the same time. ???

****also , will the administrator of this site, PLEASE fix the username reset/activation!!! .. it does not work and now I'm on my 3rd username ****

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