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Thursday, June 10th 2021, 3:26pm

Hunter PRS40's or 30's? for pressure under 40 pounds...

I will be using MP Rotators in a new-build sprinkler system run with a 3/4hp shallow well yard pump, so I'll never have the concern of ever having too much pressure in the lines. Pump setup is standard on/off 30/50 pounds; runs usually between 28-35 pounds with using using 2-3 hoses, each with an MP 3000 rotator on homemade portable sprinklers

I need some clarity about which Hunter bodies to purchase for a new inground setup- the pressure constricting PRS30's which I understand as never allowing above 30 pounds, or the PRS40's which can use higher pressure if available. Given that my yard-well system isn't capable of any real high pressure, I'd like to save what for me is a lot of money in the cost difference between the 30's and the 40's, even thought the 40's are recommended for the rotators.

Given that I have been completely satisfied with the performance/throw distance of the MP 3000's on my homemade portables with less than 35 pounds pressure, any real reason I should spend the extra for the 40's in my new system as long as I am careful about how much load I put on any zone?

BTW, I worked years ago for Nelson Irrigation in the Pacific Northwest, who invented the first MP rotators. Oddly enough (way back when) the first large scale use of rotators wasn't irrigation!...acres of cherry growers (with ditch irrigation) ran the low-water-using rotators to prevent frost damage.

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