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Kowloon Dave



Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 7:50pm

How to Cancel 2nd Watering Time on Rainbird SST Controller

Excellent tip and thanks for getting the info from Rainbird Customer Support! To clarify, here's what you need to do when you have 2 run times set and want to change it to 1 run time, with the other 3 times set to "OFF:"
(1) Turn the dial to the Zone you want to change from 2 watering times to 1 watering time
(2) Push the button for "ONE TIME" and use the up or down arrow to set the desired start time (e.g., 8:30 am)
(3) Push the button for "TWO TIMES" and use the up or down arrow to change the start time to 11:55 pm; then push the up arrow 1 more time to midnight and it will display "OFF"
(4) Turn the dial from the Zone you just changed to AUTO RUN to save the change you just made (i.e., cancelling the 2nd watering time)
(5) Turn the dial back to the Zone you just changed and press the buttons for "ONE TIME," "TWO TIMES," etc. to verify that the proper start time is displayed for "ONE TIME" and that "OFF" is displayed for "TWO TIMES," etc.

Kowloon Dave



Wednesday, June 24th 2020, 7:56pm

Cancelling 2nd Watering Time on Rainbird SST Controller

Just a reminder that, after you do step #6 (verify that 2nd watering time is now set to "OFF"), be sure to turn the dial back to "AUTO RUN," so your system will operate automatically.




Tuesday, June 15th 2021, 9:29am

Thank you!!
It worked!!

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