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Monday, November 1st 2021, 2:01pm

Hunter X Core indoor controller Dial issue

I have a Hunter X Core indoor 6 station controller. It's probably 10 or more old. It has worked perfectly until a few weeks ago when I noticed the display Err. I turned the dial to OFF and then back to run. The display would not show that I had turned it off, it showed the date instead. Curious, I turned the dial to other settings and those displays were not correct to where the dial was set. I had to giggle the control dial to get the correct display. Eventually the dial became more fluid in that it became easier to turn, stopping at each setting but not as solid, if that makes sense. So my question is do I need a new dial or just a new unit? I should add, I tried resetting the unit a few times, but it didn't solve the dial problem.

Thanks ?(

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Monday, November 1st 2021, 11:17pm

That glitch is going to be permanent. You've already reset the controller to no avail.
The controller will most likely work but how reliable is impossible to say.
They're easy enough to replace.
I don't know which model you have but they have a great price on the 6 station outdoor.
x-core < Click.

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