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Greg 777



Sunday, January 23rd 2022, 5:31pm

Valve wont flow

Help!! I have a valve that suddenly stopped flowing. There is 24 VAC at the solenoid, which is spec for my timer box. I have all Hunter PGV valves in my system. Manually opening the solenoid did no good. I purchased a new Hunter PGV valve, took off the top, and installed all the new components in the bottom half of the old valve. I ran a wire through the exhaust port to be sure it was clear. Still no water. I repeated the above with different solenoids and carefully installing the new valve parts 4 times and still no water. A blocked exhaust port sounds like the most logical problem, but I ran a wire through both the port under the solenoid and in the lower body of the valve each time. The valves I have in my system are 8-10 years old, but my understanding is that the components of the new valves can be used as replacements. I swapped parts to fix a leaking valve about a month ago and everything worked fine. Anybody have any thoughts as to what I can try next other than cutting pipe and installing a new valve?



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Sunday, January 23rd 2022, 11:50pm

Maybe the pipe is clogged or pinched. Are the pipes poly pipes per chance?
Are there any valves after the PGV? Like a check valve? Or is it a drip line?
Is the valve a single valve manifold? I'm wondering if the water supply isn't turned off to it?
Is it possible that the valve is coming on but it's so quiet that you aren't hearing it? Meaning, there's a break in the line somewhere?
I think there are two ports. An inlet and an outlet.

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