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Monday, June 20th 2022, 7:08am

no water

system has been working fine, now no water at all, tried manual, still no water,nothing has been changed



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Monday, June 20th 2022, 11:58am

You said that you tried manual. What does that mean exactly? Did you turn on a valve manually? Did you run the controller manually?

Make sure the outlet has power. The controller might be running off of the backup battery which will not turn on the sprinklers but the display is showing.

Sometimes taking out the backup battery if it has one then unplugging the controller will reset it. Or, do a factory reset. Will say how to in the manual.

Maybe the common wire is loose somewhere.

Could be a rain sensor.

Could be that someone turned the water off. I've seen gardeners do that. Heck, I've seen home owners turn off the water, do a repair then wonder why the sprinklers wont work.

Are you on city water? Pump? Getting your water from a well?

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