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Thursday, August 18th 2022, 3:48am

Strip Irrigation nozzle

According to my installation drawing I have a 4 van 90 in a 4 foot strip. the description says it's a rain bird 4-van 90-1804. When this nozzle was working, its spray pattern was ≈6 feet on a portion of it, and only 2 feet on the other side of the pattern. This is to allow water to reach down the strip, whereas, due to its location close to the strip end, it got the end watered yet didn't reach the street, an "angled radius" if you will. I think. I could be way off in my thinking, but I really thought the spray radius was hitting the ground 6 feet on the left and 2 feet on the right. I bought the rain bird van adjustable nozzle 4 ft. 4VAN, it's doesn't have that angled spray pattern. Did I buy the wrong part, I couldn't find the -1804 suffix in the sprinkler warehouse site.


Saturday, August 20th 2022, 5:02am

I've researched my issue, found nothing. Finally found enough sense to look at the bottom side of the nozzle, and viola! I see that the nozzle ports are smaller around the i.d. radius, thus restricting water throughout the throw pattern. I'm amazed at how little info. there is for a LCS (left corner strip) nozzle. So it's ≈ 6 foot throw to a 2 ft. throw.

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Saturday, August 20th 2022, 5:55am

That sounds like a Toro nozzle. Is it black and orange?
I've never had good luck with those tiny spray nozzles.
You can take that rubber thing out with the tiny hole in it for a tad better spray.
But they don't work that great.
Hunter has a fixed 6 footer that sprays amazingly well. Not adjustable.
Maybe buy one 4 footer Hunter and one 6 footer just to see what they do.
Go to a sprinkler supply house. Ewing, John Deere, Site-One.


Sunday, August 28th 2022, 5:33am

They're rainbird nozzles, solid black in color. I figured it out: LCS and RCS nozzles are restricted throughout the throw pattern, laying down a shorter pattern, whether it's the left or right sides. Looking down at the nozzle I see the smaller port holes throughout the radius. Finally see what the rainbird pictorial representation means: clearly they're trying to show that the spray patter is reduced throughout the throw, shown here.


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Tuesday, September 6th 2022, 11:18am

LCS and RCS are Rainbird "side strip" nozzles. That differentiates them from conventional strip nozzles from Rainbird. Either of those nozzle styles are meant for grass strips up to 4 feet wide. It's rather odd that a irrigation plan would call for a 4-VAN nozzle in a strip of grass 4 feet wide.

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