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Sunday, March 8th 2015, 8:27pm

Vegetable Garden Help

I am looking to install a drip irrigation system on my 25 x 15 vegetable garden for the upcoming season. The rows run in the 15 foot direction. My plan is to run a 1/2 Main line down the side and then run 1/4" drip line down the center of each row. I also have 21 separate mounds where my cucumbers/pumpkins/squash will be planted. These will be watered by separate emitters ran off 1/4" tubing. I do know I'll have to purchase some extras also.

I plan to purchase the Kit # ANTELCO A81495 DRIP MATE SHRUBBLER EMITTER DRIP IRRIGATION STARTER KIT: This kit comes with..
50 feet 1/2" line
50 feet 1/4" line
25 Shrubbler® 360° Spike adjustable flow

My questions are...
Will the 1/4" drip line water the rows effectively in the same amount of time as the spike emitters. If so should I opt for the 6 or 12 inch spacing.
Is there anything that I should change / add to make this work. This is my first attempt at drip irrigation so I welcome all comments/suggestions.


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Monday, March 9th 2015, 12:11pm

1/4-inch tubing is used to connect single emitters to the larger 1/2-inch tubing in your kit - only the larger tubing is used to carry water throughout a drip install - you will buy additional 1/2-inch tubing and fittings, and whatever additional emitters you require


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Monday, March 9th 2015, 8:13pm

Thank you for the reply, I may have misstated some things so I will try and include a picture to help.

The Main line running left to right, and the 2 end lines running vertically I plan on using the 1/2" tubing. The lines coming off these will be the 1/4" line run to the spike emitters included in the kit to water the mounds/hills individually.

The 4 center vertical lines I was planning on using the 1/4" drip line with the built in emitters. Drip line with built in emitters

Would this process work and if so...
Should the drip line with built in emitters be 1/4 or 1/2" for these 15' runs.
Should I choose the 6" or 12" emitter spacing to keep the water flow equal throughout the garden.

Thanks again.


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Tuesday, March 10th 2015, 11:29am

You will have to do the math to see if your choice of 1/4 inch emitter tubing is a match for the rest of the drip kit. There are other versions of that tubing with different emitters and emitter spacing.

Offhand, it's a crapshoot whether this will work satisfactorily for you. A pro would install something more versatile and rugged, not that it would be laid out very much differently. All the emitter tubing would be the larger diameter, and all the emitters would be pressure-compensating, for consistent application rates. That also has the effect of making all the tubing connections stronger large-diameter types. We really don't see rugged connectors for mating the 1/4-inch emitter tubing to the 1/2-inch tubing. Also, the larger-diameter tubing can always be pierced to add an extra emitter or two or ten for thirstier plants like the corn or squashes.

Remember that the large-diameter tubing in your selected drip kit is described as 16 mm, and not 17 mm, so you can match it to other fittings and tubing.

Also remember to include filtering and pressure regulation in your drip plumbing.

One note on that 1/4-inch emitter line you linked - it's intended use is more like for making a ring around a single large plant, rather than for feeding entire rows, each end of the ring connecting to a tee like this that is pierced through the larger-diameter tubing

You have to be careful to match up your fittings and tubing, not only with the 16 or 17 mm large-diameter tubing, but also with the smaller stuff.

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