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Friday, July 28th 2006, 7:45am

rainjet sprinkler system

We have a Rainjet sprinkler system. Have never been able to figure out how to turn it on since we moved into our old house. Must have been disconnected from the curcuit. Inside reads 906901 and dated from 1996. Any websites where I can track down an owner's manual?


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Friday, July 28th 2006, 1:59pm

Rainjet is long gone, and you may need to photograph items and write down part numbers to make headway with some of their equipment.



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Sunday, August 6th 2006, 11:37am

Hi there, you may find what you need at this site. They have many RainJet controller manuals.
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Friday, August 11th 2006, 8:56am

Thanks. Very helpful.
Found a manual for it. It's a Rainjet RJ6. Mine is missing the transformer (the special AC adapter). Going to see if I can get it at Home Depot or Ace. Have seen where I can get it online for $21.

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Tuesday, August 15th 2006, 4:41am

Apparently your only problem is lack of a transformer. Very few clocks, with the exception of some Rainbird clocks (as I remember), use center tapped transformers for dual voltages. With this in mind, realize 24VAC is 24VAC. ANY 24VAC transformer will work as long as the output amperage rating is within limits of the clocks capabilities, and the clock doesn't use a dual voltage txfmr. In other words, a 20 or 30 VA txfmr will work fine if the clock can only fire one solenoid at a time.
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